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Create beautiful real estate websites, single property websites, and blog with Real estate agents now can promote their business, with great design, value and ease.
Jul 4 '13
Happy Fourth Of July!

Happy Fourth Of July!

Jun 11 '13

Own Your Local Real Estate Market Online. DwellAgent’s Value Added Services Can Help.

The whole point of DwellAgent is to make online marketing of your real estate business easy. So why are we telling you that blogging about real estate in your area is critical? Isn’t blogging time consuming and cumbersome?

We are telling you this because we want you to be positioned as the expert real estate in your community. In today’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) focused world, local is better. Market trends, school information, shopping, dining, climate and even crime statistics can help position you as that local expert in real estate. This is the best position in which you can be viewed. You want to show up as a search engine’s local real estate expert.Have you noticed that when you search for items in Google these days, the search engine giant seems to have an intuition about WHERE you are searching? Have you noticed that results from your area will show up first? The reason is because like you, these search engines are very good at what they do. They are becoming more intuitive to what their users want. They understand that most people are searching for news, people, and companies that are relevant to their area. This includes those who are looking to buy and sell real estate.

Because of this, Bing, Google, and others are giving a priority to websites that provide updated and pertinent information for their localities. It makes them a better way to search the internet, and it will leave irrelevant and outdated websites in the dust. That could include yours. Not if you use DwellAgent.

Websites that keep their information fresh become more valuable. Local websites that keep updated information become that much more valuable. It is part of the new search engine model and it can pay off for you if you understand the system.

The best way to do this is through blogs that include lots of information about your region. Don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be daunting. In fact, DwellAgent has answers to help. Your blog will position you as a local expert, set you apart from other local agents, and present you as the agent to list property with. You wouldn’t be upset with a few more listings would you?

You do not need to know everything about marketing your real estate business online. That is what DwellAgent is for. Contact us and start seeing results within days.

If you don’t have the time to put towards maintaining your website content, blogs or your SEO, let the professionals at DwellAgent do it for you. See our “Value Added Services” by clicking below.


May 29 '13

DwellAgent Releases Upgrades & Responsive Templates To Their Website Creation Platform

DwellAgent releases a mobile ready version of their successful easy-to-use real estate website creation platform. At the heart of the system upgrade is the addition of responsive design technology and enhanced customization tools.


DwellAgent today announced the public availability of an enhanced mobile ready version of their successful easy-to-use real estate website creation platform.  At the heart of the DwellAgent system upgrade is the addition of responsive design technology.  Other feature upgrades include enhanced customization tools, updated agent rosters, improved single listing websites, additional social media elements, and greater flexibility to add more pages to each website.  

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May 28 '13

Check out our new promotional video, highlighting our new and improved customization features, mobile responsive design, & agent roster for brokerages!


For Additional Features Information: Click Here

May 21 '13

Top 5 Things You Should Not Do On Social Media

With so much business being done over the Internet, a social media presence is not optional for serious real estate businesses. Marketing online is one of the best ways to build your company’s brand and generate leads through online referrals, and social media is one of your best solutions to the problem of online visibility.

But as with all things, there are right and wrong ways to go about creating a social following. Establishing your real estate business on social media is something that requires a long-term investment, since many users will be reluctant to follow accounts until they set their roots and start providing useful content.

Many social media accounts inhibit their development to falling into one of several common traps. Here are the top five things you should never do when trying to promote your real estate business.

Don’t get personal

You’re running a business account, not one intended for personal use. Publishing your own opinions, thoughts and other commentary can only hurt your business. Feel free — and encouraged — to engage followers and promote conversation, but keep your personal self out of the equation.

Don’t post too often

Social media followers tend to get their feathers ruffled by accounts that inundate their feeds with content. This varies from platform to platform — for example, Twitter feeds can handle a handful of posts every day while Facebook should be limited to two or three at most. Email marketing is even more sensitive — more than one mailing a week can put you in dangerous territory. Plan your social posts in advance to keep the content valuable and well-timed.

Don’t be too general

The real estate industry is a broad spectrum, and your company likely fills a niche within that field. Agent websites, brokerage websites and other real estate home pages will create different content and target different consumers from one another, and this should be reflected in your social content. Focus on your niche and do it well instead of trying to spread yourself too thin.

Don’t waste the opportunity to promote your own branded content

There is plenty of content out there covering the real estate industry and all of its niches. You could serve your followers by promoting content produced at other sites, but in doing so you’ll forfeit one of the best ways you can continue to build your brand by promoting your own personal content. If you have the industry knowledge, you should be able to flex that expertise by publishing original content. Promoting other content only builds the reputation of other experts and distracts from your real estate brand.

Don’t ignore your marketing data

Social media endows businesses with high-quality insights into what works and what doesn’t work in terms of engaging followers and generating referrals. As you use your accounts, you will create data that lets you know how you can become more effective in the social realm. Don’t ignore this data — use it to refine your approach and increase your return on investment. It’s the greatest advantage social media offers to markets.

By sticking to the rules and being patient in your approach, you should be able to create new revenue opportunities through social media while continuing to build your online presence in the real estate industry.

Promote your real estate business with great design, value, and ease. Visit to create real estate websites, single property websites, and blog. 

Apr 16 '13

The Benefits of a Strong Web Presence in Real Estate

Having a strong web presence is beneficial to all types of business. In the real estate industry, this presence will allow more potential clients to find you than conventional advertising alone can provide.

Your site can also provide validation and reassurance in the minds of your visitors by highlighting your experience, abilities, and services. You can build a stronger, better business in real estate by developing and maintaining your site with simple and effective methods.

How to create a beneficial and strong web presence

A quality website will provide value to your clients. You want to utilize every area available on your website to increase your position in web searches. Each of these ideas will strengthen your site in numerous ways.

  • Use a blog with tips designed to help new homeowners or offer information on improvements in home technology. By using your blog effectively, you can generate a strong following of interested readers. While these individuals may not be clients today, they may become clients tomorrow.
  • Provide an About Us page to highlight any unique features of your business. Mention any awards and special training you or your agents have received. This can further establish your agency as a reliable industry choice.
  • Virtual tours provide an extremely valuable feature for visitors to your site. Prospective buyers can view properties at their leisure. Your clients can save time by eliminating homes that do not meet their basic needs.
  • Make use of a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page where your clients and prospective clients can obtain answers to common questions 24 hours a day. Include an easy way for them to contact you for follow up information.

The more content you provide on your real estate website, the more you set your business apart from other agencies in your market place. Incorporating social networking can further increase traffic to your site.

You do not have to spend hours or learn new skills to build your own real estate website from the ground up. DwellAgent can help you quickly publish your website and keep it up-to-date with our easy to use platform. Contact us today to learn more about our website services or to see how we can help you take your current DwellAgent site to the next level. 

Promote your real estate business with great design, value, and ease. Visit to create real estate websites, single property websites, and blog.  

Apr 2 '13

Business Solutions: Using Google Enterprise to Your Advantage

Statistics show that real estate agents spend most of their time developing new clients. This makes time an important element in agencies. Google Enterprise is a productivity class of online tools that can help build a better business in real estate.

What is Google Enterprise?

Google Enterprise is a mixture of popular consumer applications mixed with the business side of security and support that become cornerstones of small business solutions. These include visual, communication and search tools that save time and help agents to communicate quickly and efficiently with their clients. They help clients to find you through powerful search engine options that link your content into social media and cloud applications that are user friendly on tables, smartphones, and traditional browsers.

The business applications offered by Google are designed to facilitate fast and effortless communication. This is a list of applications that work in a similar fashion to MS Office with the added flexibility that documents are accessible anywhere by almost any type of browser. Use the Calendar tool for scheduling meetings, tracking appointments, reminders, and of course to share. Google Drive offers cloud based storage which allows access to files in the office or in the field. The Google Docs application is perfect for creating documents that the entire team can access, but also work on anywhere. This includes spreadsheets, and spreadsheet management. Google Slides allows businesses easily to create presentations right from your smartphone or tablet.

Google Enterprise as a Tool

Building better business in Real Estate is simple if you have tools that work with you. Imagine visiting a potential new listing, developing a slide show of the property using your smartphone, uploading the data to the cloud storage, and then texting the admin to set up the property guide. While you are conducting the interview with the seller, you can access the property guide the admin created and show them how their property will look. You can do all of this and more in one visit.

This is a sample of how using Google Enterprise to your advantage helps increase efficiency and save time while impressing potential clients. Their suite of products includes emails, calendars, spreadsheets, documents, cloud storage, and many more solutions that might be an asset for your small business. If you need help using this service along with your website here at DwellAgent, just contact us for more information. We are here to help you succeed.

Promote your real estate business with great design, value, and ease.  Visit to create real estate websites, single property websites, and blog.  

Feb 21 '13

Wow it has been a while!

It has been a while since we last communicated on our blog.  In fact that is something we tell our real estate website clients to do regularly.  We will be better at taking our own advice.  

At DwellAgent we have been heads down into developing our platform to better service real estate agents and brokerages with great websites.  We have been working with brokerages to better position themselves online and helping agents better understand their marketing goals.  

2013 will be very exciting for DwellAgent.  Updates, features, and the overall marketing power of our website platform will improve - dramatically.  It will be great!

We look forward to another great year at DwellAgent providing IDX real estate websites.  We will even blog more often too… we promise.  



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Feb 18 '12
Dec 21 '11

We had a fantastic trip to the REALTORS Triple Play 2011.  DwellAgent set up a booth to visit with both current cleints and agent that are looking for a website and marketing platform.  Ed and John promoted the Free Listing Websites and agent / brokerage websites.  

DwellAgent does have a special price for the Triple Play ~ Let us know if you want a discount. 

It was a great show and have a lot of people to help out.